About us

We are a law firm with over 85 years of experience specializing in a complete range of Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs services throughout Latin America.

Our HQ is located in Buenos Aires where more than 50 highly trained IP professionals work and are connected to an extensive network of IP professionals in each Latin American country.

Our second Latin American location is in São Paulo, the financial capital of the Brazil.

Our team includes patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers, certified language translators, IT consultants as well as patent technical advisors, including chemists, engineers and biotechnologists. Many have been part of our team for years and share their expertise with the newer members. Our staff is readily available to attend to our client’s needs in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and French.

Our office locations and extensive cooperation with a select few reliable IP Law firms within each country of the Latin American region, enables us to tailor our services to the clients’ budgetary and legal needs. This specially developed flexible system of consolidated services allows Moeller to achieve the perfect balance between high-quality and cost-efficient work for the whole region. It enables our clients to file, monitor and protect their assets in multiple countries through one single agent. This saves translation costs, time, and staff, while centralizing and controlling the flow of sensitive information.

Only one Power of Attorney enables us to represent the client in all Latin American countries of interest, significantly reducing time, legalization and translation costs.

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