Domain names and trade disputes resolution in Argentinaip articles
23 Jul 2018

Domain names and trade disputes resolution in Argentina

By Moeller IP Advisors Cybersquatting, the practice of registering domain names using a small variation on a trademark’s name, has been on the rise in South America in the last years. Argentina makes no exception. In the country, registering a ccTLD domain name with the extension,, etc. was free until 2014 – […]

The state of Innovation in Mexico - the role of patentsip articles
12 Jul 2018

The state of Innovation in Mexico: the role of patents

by Moeller IP Advisors In the prestigious Bloomberg’s 2017 Innovation Index published last year, Mexico failed to rank among the first 50 top countries. Brazil and Argentina ranked respectively 46th and 49th. The index is developed on the basis of benchmarks that include spending on research and development, manufacturing, the presence of hi-tech companies and […]

Artificial intelligence and copyright in South Americaip articles
09 Jul 2018

Artificial intelligence and copyright in South America

By Jose Santacroce The potential of Artificial intelligence is enormous. The interconnection of A.I. and art is a relatively less explored field, but in this regard the consequences for intellectual protection law are unpredictable and equally interesting. In 2016, a network of Dutch museums presented a portrait created by a computer that analysed hundreds of […]

Generic Pharmaceuticals in Peruip articles
05 Jul 2018

The Market of Generic Pharmaceuticals in Peru: Approval Process and Concept of Bioequivalence

By Moeller IP Advisors In Peru, patent coverage for branded pharmaceuticals lasts for 20 years from the date of filing, in line with most jurisdictions. Once the 20-year term has expired, the same product can be marketed as generic. A generic drug must be equivalent to a branded drug in dosage form, safety, strength, quality, […]

smart cities in Chileip articles
04 Jul 2018

Legal Implications of Smart Cities in Chile

By Moeller IP Advisors By 2050, more than half of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. Providing everyone with sufficient resources like energy, water and transport may prove extremely challenging. Smart cities are born to tackle this issue with the help of digital technologies: they are based on an innovative infrastructure […]

Brazil Progresses Toward Joining the Madrid Protocolip articles
03 Jul 2018

Brazil Progresses Toward Joining the Madrid Protocol

by Moeller IP Advisors The Madrid Protocol is an international treaty established to create a centralized system of trademark protection for all the signatory states. Through the rules of the Madrid Protocol, applicants can protect their trademarks in all member countries: they just need to file a single application in one of the countries’ that […]

Cloud Computing in ArgentinaArgentina
02 Jul 2018

Cloud Computing in Argentina

By Moeller IP Advisors Argentina is one of the most advanced countries in South America when it comes to the adoption of cloud computing technologies. Last year, Argentina was said to be in the running with Chile as the site of a new data centre for Amazon cloud computing services in South America. Although this […]

Nanotechnologies in Mexicoip articles
28 Jun 2018

Nanotechnologies in Mexico: Policies and Regulations

By Moeller IP Advisors Nanotechnology is a growing field with an incredible potential for several sectors. In healthcare, the development of nano-enhanced pharmaceuticals could prove incredibly powerful for treatment of widespread diseases like cancer. Electronics have also embraced nanotechnologies, for developing more powerful computer processors and increased storage limits. Together with Brazil, Mexico has been […]

green patentip articles
27 Jun 2018

Want to register a Green Patent in South America? Brazil Made it Quicker for You

By Moeller IP Advisors The Potential for Green Technologies Green is certainly an adjective that fits Brazil. Not only because of the abundance of its natural resources, but for several other reasons:  Brazil is one of the world leaders in bioenergy – more than 85% of the domestically produced electricity used in Brazil comes from renewable […]

trademark registrationip articles
25 Jun 2018

Brazilian Domain names and Trademarks Registered by Different Owners: Which One Should Prevail?

Registering a domain name that matches with the trademark is an established course of action for the protection of a company’s IP assets. In fact, a domain name has the same function as a trademark in the online world: the domain becomes the virtual image of the business. Sometimes, however, the same domain name and […]

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