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Patenting Pharmaceutical Inventions in Colombiaip articles
26 Apr 2018

Patenting Pharmaceutical Inventions in Colombia

by Moeller IP Advisors In the latest years, Colombia has become an attractive market for pharmaceutical companies. According to a report from the consulting firm, Global Data, the value of the pharmaceutical market will rise from $5 billion in 2015 to $7.1 billion by 2020, with an astounding annual growth rate of 7.3%. The growth […]

Artificial Intelligence in Chileip articles
12 Apr 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Chile: Economic Potential and IP Protection

By Moeller IP Advisors Artificial Intelligence technologies undisputedly represent the greatest potential for worldwide economies in the near future. Roughly speaking, Artificial Intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allow machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Cognitive robotics, machine learning, biometrics, robotic process automation and intelligent automation are just some of the various […]

Nanotechnology Patents in Brazilip articles
05 Apr 2018

Nanotechnology Investments and Nanotechnology Patents in Brazil

by Moeller IP Advisors Nanotechnology is the manipulation and production of materials and devices on the scale of atoms; through molecular manufacturing. In theory, any physical object could be reproduced in the laboratory. It is easy to note how the potential of nanotechnology could be immense, especially in the medical field, where nanotech developments can […]

Domain Names and Trademark Infringements - The Brazilian Experienceip articles
03 Apr 2018

Domain Names and Trademark Infringements – The Brazilian Experience

By Moeller IP Advisors In the mid-1990s and early 2000s, Brazil was overwhelmed by what commentators described as a real “avalanche” of cybersquatting cases: thousands of domain names were registered using a small variation of a trademark name, in order to mislead consumers and divert traffic away from the legitimate websites. The relative facility with […]

When Patents Can Help Protect Breeders Interests in Brazilip articles
28 Mar 2018

When Patents Can Help Protect Breeders Interests in Brazil

Brazil, in line with other South American countries, like Mexico or Argentina, does not consider new plant varieties eligible for patent protection. Cultivars can be protected through the  Brazilian Plant Variety Protection Law enacted in 1997, Law 9456/1997, and that has incorporated the provisions of the 1978 UPOV Convention. The PVP law grants the breeder […]

Pharmaceutical Patents in South America: Registering Patents in Brazil is Going to be Easierip articles
22 Mar 2018

Pharmaceutical Patents in South America: Registering Patents in Brazil is Going to be Easier

by Moeller IP Advisors Brazil is one of the biggest pharmaceutical markets in the world. IMS Health -a pharmaceutical consulting and information company- estimated that the Brazilian market will achieve around 40 billions of US dollars in 2017, in pharmaceutical sales. From 2007 to 2011, the market grew an astounding 82%, according to a report […]

New Measures to Cut Down on Brazil Patent Backlogip articles
21 Mar 2018

New Measures to Cut Down on Brazil Patent Backlog

By Moeller IP Advisors It is very well known that the backlog is probably the main issue affecting the Brazilian patent system. A patent may take an average of 7-10 years for being granted – and although the Brazilian Patent Office, the INPI, has established a series of special programs or patent prosecution highways to […]

Internet of Things in Brazilip articles
15 Mar 2018

Internet of Things in Brazil: Economic Potential and Legal Implications

By Moeller IP Advisors The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly popular and expert are talking about a “fourth industrial revolution” when referring to the potentials that IoT technologies have to offer. In simple terms, the Internet of Things consists of a network of physical devices which are connected to the […]

Chemical Patent Applicationsip articles
09 Mar 2018

INPI Brazil Issues New Guidelines For Chemical Patent Applications

By Moeller IP Advisors According to data from the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, the number of patents related to chemical products has grown tremendously in the last 20 years: the CAS Registry collects data on more than 132 million organic and inorganic substances. Brazil makes no exception to […]

Patent Prosecution Highway Programs in Brazilip articles
07 Mar 2018

Patent Prosecution Highway Programs in Brazil

By Moeller IP Advisors On February 1, 2018, the latest Patent Prosecution Highway Agreement signed by the Brazilian Institute for Intellectual Property (INPI Brazil) and the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China, came into force. The pilot program provides for an accelerated procedure for all patents filed in the field of Information Technology, packaging, […]

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