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Rules for Labelling and Advertising Food and Beverages in Mexicoip articles
07 Dec 2017

Rules for Labelling and Advertising Food and Beverages in Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors In the last years, Mexico has been facing a rise in health issues connected to poor diet and drinking habits. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey 2006, hypertension increased of 25% in the previous six years, while data from the OECD shows that in 2015 a whopping 30% of […]

trade name and trademarkip articles
23 Nov 2017

Trade Names and Trademarks in South America: the Case of Brazil

By Moeller IP Advisors In today’s competitive economy, business owners need to ensure adequate IP protection for their company by registering their trademark, patent, copyright and last but not least, trade name. It is particularly important to differentiate between trademarks and trade names: a trade name is the name that identifies a company after the […]

Gene Therapy Treatmentsip articles
16 Nov 2017

The Legal Framework for Gene Therapy Treatments in Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors Gene therapy is a pioneering medical technique which consists in introducing genes or other genetic materials into a patient’s cells for therapeutic purposes. Genes are inserted to correct or replace abnormal or mutated genes into the patient’s body. Gene therapy has been developed to cure hereditary genetic conditions but late discoveries […]

Trade Dress Protection in the Brazilian Systemip articles
26 Oct 2017

Trade Dress Protection in the Brazilian System

Your business’ distinctive signs, be it the trademark, the colors, and font of the websites, the packaging all play an important role in making sure that customers can easily identify your products. However, not all the elements that fall under the category of “brand” and that make a product or a service distinctive and characteristic, […]

Trademark Registration in Argentinaip articles
19 Oct 2017

Opposing a Trademark Registration in Argentina

According to data from the Argentine Patent Office (INPI) in 2016, there were 71.020 trademark applications and 14.211 trademark oppositions, around 20% of all applications. What’s the procedure for opposing a trademark registration in Argentina? The Argentine Trademark Law 22362 establishes that every trademark application is followed by a formal examination carried out by the INPI. […]

trademark registrationip articles
12 Oct 2017

Brazilian Domain names and Trademarks Registered by Different Owners: Which One Should Prevail?

Registering a domain name that matches with the trademark is an established course of action for the protection of a company’s IP assets. In fact, a domain name has the same function as a trademark in the online world: the domain becomes the virtual image of the business. Sometimes, however, the same domain name and […]

green patentip articles
03 Oct 2017

Want to register a Green Patent in South America? Brazil Made it Quicker for You

By Moeller IP Advisors The Potential for Green Technologies Green is certainly an adjective that fits Brazil. Not only because of the abundance of its natural resources, but for several other reasons:  Brazil is one of the world leaders in bioenergy – more than 85% of the domestically produced electricity used in Brazil comes from renewable […]

bilogic drugsip articles
14 Sep 2017

Data Protection for Innovator Biologic Drugs in South America: the Case of Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors Until 2016, 35,480 applications for patenting biological drugs were filed in Mexico, according to data provided by Innography, an IP consulting company.  It seems clear that Mexico constitutes a highly valued market for biologics. However, at this date, Mexico doesn’t have a law or another regulatory instrument that guarantees personal data […]

Regulating Generic Drugs in South Americaip articles
07 Sep 2017

Regulating Generic Drugs in South America: the Case of Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors Last month, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) of Mexico released a report stating that major pharmaceutical industries did not face substantial competition from generic drugs in the Mexican market because of regulatory delays and issues. How does the Mexican law regulate generics? What sorts of issues does a company face when […]

Geographical Indication in South Americaip articles
24 Aug 2017

Obtaining Geographical Indication in South America: the case of Brazil

This June, the Brazilian INPI granted the registration of Geographical Indication to the product “Uvas Finas de Mesa” of Marialva. Marialva is a municipality located in Northern Brazil and is considered the largest producer of grapes in the state of Paraná. Recently, the Geographical Indication was also granted to the “Erva-mate” of São Matheus, a […]

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