Regulating Generic Drugs in South Americaip articles
07 Sep 2017

Regulating Generic Drugs in South America: the Case of Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors Last month, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) of Mexico released a report stating that major pharmaceutical industries did not face substantial competition from generic drugs in the Mexican market because of regulatory delays and issues. How does the Mexican law regulate generics? What sorts of issues does a company face when […]

05 Sep 2017

Why It Is Important to Register Your Trademark

Companies, especially SMEs and newly incorporated firms, tend to forget about registering their own trademark. One of the main reasons is the common misconception that registering the company in the trade register, or even just securing a domain name, would be enough to prevent competitors from using the same name. Furthermore, many companies consider the […]

Geographical Indication in South Americaip articles
24 Aug 2017

Obtaining Geographical Indication in South America: the case of Brazil

This June, the Brazilian INPI granted the registration of Geographical Indication to the product “Uvas Finas de Mesa” of Marialva. Marialva is a municipality located in Northern Brazil and is considered the largest producer of grapes in the state of Paraná. Recently, the Geographical Indication was also granted to the “Erva-mate” of São Matheus, a […]

Cultivar Rightsip articles
03 Aug 2017

Protecting Cultivar Rights in South America

by Moeller IP Advisors It goes without saying that the agribusiness sector is one of the most developed in South America. Investments in R&D in this sector are common and in order to protect them, a satisfactory legal framework has to guarantee the security of those economical efforts. Infringements of Cultivar Rights New plant varieties are […]

Plants be Protected under Intellectual Propertyip articles
06 Jul 2017

Can Plants be Protected under Intellectual Property Law in South America?

South America owns an incredible natural plant variety and its climate is dominated by extended and relatively warm regions which favour cultivation. No wonder South America’s crop accounts for around the 10% of the world’s produce. In the region, Brazil and Argentina are the main exporters, given their large production of oil seeds and grains. […]

title and meta tagsip articles
14 Jun 2017

Want to avoid IP infringements? Keep an eye on your keywords and meta tags!

What Are Keywords and Meta Tags When online users look for information on Google or other search engines, they use “keywords” or “search queries”. These are words or sentences that describe what users are looking for. Obviously, everyone wants their website to rank first on Google for some given “keywords”, and there are several techniques […]

biotech patentip articles
09 Jun 2017

Biotech Patents in Brazil

The Potential of Brazil Brazil is extremely rich in natural resources and biological variety. The production of ethanol fuel from sugarcane – Brazil is the world’s second largest producer – is just an example: the potential is even greater, as a very advanced agri-industrial technology pairs with an abundance of arable And biofuels are not […]

Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiroip articles
01 Jun 2017

Copyright of Public Works of art: the Case of Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro

You are a professional photographer taking photos in a modern, beautiful city like Rio De Janeiro. It is a safe bet to say that, more often than not, you will happen to include copyrighted monuments, buildings and works of art in your photographs. You may do that accidentally – you want to depict someone and […]

trademark classesip articles
25 May 2017

Trademark Classes: How to Choose Them

When you register a trademark, you also need to specify which products or services you want to register it for. The Nice Agreement established 45 classes of goods and services -classes 1-34 include goods and classes 35-45 include services. Its classification is revised every five years to make sure it is up-to-date with the latest […]

ip protectionip articles
18 May 2017

Cybersquatting and Intellectual Property Protection

Are you the owner of a well-known trademark? Has someone ever contacted you asking to sell you a domain name which is very similar to your own domain or trademark? If yes, you may have been the victim of cybersquatting. What is cybersquatting? It is the practice of registering domain names using a small variation […]

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