Latin America
24 Jun 2013

Are your TMs sufficiently protected?1

Brief analysis of the Latin American context “The Mercosur countries recorded in previous years an economic growth between 7,5 and 9 percent, the domestic trade was 40 billion dollars- including Venezuela’s economic” Source: “Mercosur will regionale Integration stärken”, Deutsche Welle, 17/12/2010. “During the eight year presidency of Lula, Brazil established itself as the eighth […]

24 Jun 2013

Watch Out Compulsive Protection of Defense Trademarks!

Are well-known TMs registered, as a way of defense, in other classes than the ones covering the products / services for which they are known, stronger than fresh TM applications legitimately filed in said other classes?   TM jurisprudence. Defense trademarks. Recent Court case Case: Campagnolo SRL vs Benvenuto SACEeI re:cease of opposition to TM […]

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