05 Sep 2017

Why It Is Important to Register Your Trademark

Companies, especially SMEs and newly incorporated firms, tend to forget about registering their own trademark. One of the main reasons is the common misconception that registering the company in the trade register, or even just securing a domain name, would be enough to prevent competitors from using the same name. Furthermore, many companies consider the […]

30 Mar 2017

Can you trademark a color or a smell?

Think of the peculiar fragrance of Chanel 5 or of the distinctive brown color of the UPS trucks. You would certainly not deny that these features constitute an important part of their brands, as much as their logo. Sometimes, like in the case of Chanel, they are not just part of the brand but they […]

trademark licencingTrademark
16 Mar 2017

5 Things To Know About Trademark Licensing

Trademark licensing is the practice by which a trademark owner permits a third party to use its trademarks.Trademark licensing is the driving force behind the value of many brands. It is attractive to brand owners because it allows owners to extend brand awareness to new products or service categories that may not be feasible for […]

trademark registrationTrademark
01 Mar 2017

4 Reasons Your Trademark Registration Could Be Denied

Although registering your trademark is a relatively inexpensive in most of the South American countries, especially if performed online, the registration procedure generally takes several months to be concluded – approximately 18 months in Argentina and from 24 to 36 months in Brazil. Here are the most common reasons why a trademark registration could be denied. 1. The […]

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