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21 Sep 2017

Why it’s a Good Idea to Register Your Trademark in the System of Alert in Argentina

Argentina is ranked among the twenty countries in the world with the highest number of trademark registrations. As established by Law n.22.362/1980, the trademark’s owner needs to file the registration at the INPI – the National Institute for Intellectual Property, and if the application is successful, the trademark protection is warranted for 10 years, renewable […]

GRUR Annual MeetingAbout us
19 Sep 2017

GRUR Annual Meeting

By Moeller IP Advisors Mr. Gerardo Messerer, Managing Partner will be attending the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR) Conference, which will take place in Hamburg (Germany) from September 27 – 30. GRUR’s Autumn Conference will have numerous experts from Germany and abroad representing academia, industry.  They will present and discuss the […]

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29 Aug 2017

Meet our experts at the upcoming LES Annual Conference 2017!

By Moeller IP Advisors Gerardo Messerer, Managing partner of Moeller IP Advisors, will be attending the upcoming LES SCANDINAVIA Annual Conference 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark from September 11-12, 2017. “Digital disruption – IP in the new era” is the theme of the conference. Mr. Messerer will be available to discuss the latest trends and updates in […]

Biological DrugsAbout us
17 Aug 2017

Biological Drugs in South America: How to Patent Antibodies in Brazil

According to a report published by the British consulting company VisionGain, the drugs market in Brazil will reach the amount of $41.3 billion in 2017 and by 2020 it’s likely to overtake every other market except the US, China and Japan. So far the scene has been dominated by synthetic chemical drugs – simple chemical […]

Safeguarding Biodiversity in South AmericaAbout us
10 Aug 2017

Safeguarding Biodiversity in South America – the Case of Brazil

by Moeller IP Advisors From Amazonia to the Tropical Andes, the biodiversity of South America is incredible. It is not surprising to notice that many cases of biopiracy concern the natural resources of this continent. In 1986, American scientist Loren Miller’s patented the process for obtaining the ayahuasca vine, despite it had been known for centuries […]

Pharmaceuticals Products in South AmericaAbout us
27 Jul 2017

Are You Free to Price Pharmaceuticals Products in South America?

by Moeller IP Advisors On average, big pharmaceutical companies spend around 20% of their budget in research and development of new drugs. For smaller companies, the effort can be even higher, up to 50% of their budget is invested in R&D. It is understandable that pharma companies try to maximise the return on their investment once […]

25 Jul 2017

Moeller IP Advisors to teach again courses on Latin American Trademark Law

by Moeller IP Advisors Mariano Municoy, an attorney with Moeller IP Advisors, has been invited to teach two classes in August, on subjects dealing with cancelation and nullity actions as well as protecting commercial names at Austral University, Buenos Aires. The program is jointly organized by Austral University in Buenos Aires, the Argentine PTO (INPI) and the World Intellectual Property […]

Brazilian Speech TribuneBrazil
27 Jun 2017

Moeller IP Advisors to co-host a Trademark Administrator’s Mini-Seminar

By Moeller IP Advisors/Moeller IP Brazil Two attorneys from Moeller IP Advisors (Mariano Municoy) and Moeller IP Brazil (Carlos Cavalcanti) will be speaking at the upcoming Trademark Administrator’s Mini-Seminar on July 10,2017 at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in São Paulo, Brazil.  This mini-seminar is part of the development initiated by INTA’s Trademark […]

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21 Jun 2017

Moeller ranked as one of the top IP Law firms for patents in Argentina

In the 6th edition of IAM’s 2017 – World’s Leading Patent Professionals – Moeller IP Advisors has again been named as one of the best IP Law firms in Argentina, citing our decade long regional experience.  In addition, the work of Moeller´s lawyers Veronica Vater, Mariano Municoy as well as Gabriela Hanak also has been highlighted in […]

ECTA 36th Annual ConferenceAbout us
13 Jun 2017

European Experts (ECTA) gather for 36th Annual Conference

By Moeller IP Advisors ECTA (European Communities Trade Mark Association) will hold its 36th Annual Conference on June 28-July 1, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. The theme of the conference includes presentations about various matters relating to trademarks.  During these three days there will be sessions on mediation and arbitration as well as the first year […]

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