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Medical patent prior examination fast trackingBrazil
15 May 2018

Exame Prioritário de Patentes Médicas – Nova Resolução para o Instituto Brasileiro de Marcas e Parentes

de Moeller IP Brazil Em 08 de maio de 2018 o INPI publicou a resolução n.º 218, alterando a Resolução n. 80 de 19 de março de 2013, regulamentando a prioridade de exame técnico para os pedidos de patente de produtos e processos farmacêuticos, bem como de equipamentos relacionados à saúde publica. Por essa resolução, […]

Medical patent prior examination fast trackingBrazil
15 May 2018

Medical patent prior examination fast tracking – new resolution from the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office

by Moeller IP Brazil On May 8, 2018, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) published Resolution No. 218, which amends Resolution number 80 of March 19, 2013.  This regulation prioritizes the technical examination of patent applications for pharmaceutical products and processes, as well as equipment related to public health. Through this resolution, patent applications […]

Unitary Patent and Unified Patent CourtEU
09 May 2018

Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

By Jose Santacroce On April 26, 2018, the United Kingdom announced that it deposited the instruments of ratification for the Agreement relating to the Unified Patent Court (UPCA). This now brings the total number of ratifications to sixteen in Europe. The ratification by the UK makes a decisive step closer to achieving the entry Unitary Patent […]

Changes to IP LawsArgentina
08 May 2018

Changes to IP Laws

By Moeller IP Advisors On January 11, 2018, Presidential Decree No. 27/2018, which introduces many amendments were made to the Argentinian Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs Laws, was published in the Argentinian Official Gazette (Link to the official publication: https://www.boletinoficial.gob.ar/#!DetalleNorma/177429/20180111). The main modifications are in connection to the following: Trademarks: Trademark opposition procedures: these no longer […]

Leo MessiEU
02 May 2018

There’s no confusing Messi

By Mariano Tabanera Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, one of the World’s best soccer players has now yet another cause for celebration, as he has now been allowed to register his own trademark for selling sports equipment and clothing.   Messi filed an application in August 8, 2011, to register the above trademark design. It covers […]

New measures to expedite examination of patent applicationsBrazil
30 Apr 2018

New measures to expedite examination of patent applications

by Moeller IP Brazil On January 16, 2018, the Brazilian PTO published a statement regarding the start of a pilot program for the issuance of pre-examination opinions in order to expedite the substantive analysis of patent applications. According to the statement, from January 23, 2018 pre-examination opinions will be issued for a total of 40 […]

Can makeup have a copyrightArgentina
20 Apr 2018

Can makeup have a copyright?

By María Sol Porro Since the law 11,723 was enacted in 1933 different human expressions were included in its art, meaning humans expressions were included in this law to be protected. So what happened with makeup? The law defines that some makeup is considered protectable work, while other makeup is an expression, excluded for various […]

launch of IP Key Latin AmericaLatin America
04 Apr 2018

Official launch of IP Key Latin America

by Moeller IP Advisors On March 8, 2018 the project IP Key Latin America was officially launched at the San Martin Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. IP Key Latin America is a collaborative project of partners with the goal of increasing awareness of the benefits of intellectual property. In particular, the group spotlights IP as […]

Amendments of Mexican Industrial Property LawMexico
26 Mar 2018

Amendments to the Mexican Industrial Property Law

by Jose Santacroce On March 13, 2018, the Mexican government and the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office (IMPI) made amendments to the Mexican Industrial Property Law.  These changes affect specifically the publication of utility model and industrial design applications, the definition of independent creation and significative degree concepts, the extension term of industrial designs and […]

Five people arrested for Intellectual Property Law infringementChile
14 Mar 2018

Five people arrested for Intellectual Property Law infringement

By María Sol Porro Five people were arrested for violating Intellectual Property Law in seven pubs and restaurants in Puerto Montt, a port city in southern Chile’s Lake District.They were arrested for illegally downloading and distributing movies and music. The detectives in charge of the raid were from of the Economic Crimes Brigade, working with […]

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