24 Jun 2013

Renewal Proceedings: New Disposition No. M-520/10

Owner inconsistencies in trademark renewal proceedings must be amended with the pertinent documents showing the legitimacy of the applicant who filed the trademark renewal. The legitimacy must exist before or at the moment of renewing the respective trademark. Otherwise the nullity or rejection of the renewal proceeding could be declared. This disposition has the purpose […]

24 Jun 2013

Main differences between the Decision 344 and 486 of the Andean Community and the IP Law of 1955

After the publication of the withdrawal decision, a group of Agents filed a claim against it, requesting the suspension of its legal effects. On November 10, 2008 the answer provided by the TM Office was published (Bulletin N� 497), according to which the claim was considered “inapplicable”. The Office is not able to suspend the […]

24 Jun 2013

Important advance in the resolution of domain name disputes in Brazil.

The Brazilian Internet Management Committee has announced the creation of an administrative dispute resolution proceeding for .br domain names. The system is in harmony with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, applicable for those domain names which had been registered and/or are being used in bad faith, providing that: the registered domain name will […]

24 Jun 2013

Deferment of publication of patent applications for up to 18 months counted as from the filing date of the priority application!

Through a circular letter, the Chilean Patent Office has introduced the possibility of requesting the deferment of the publication for a term of up to 18 months counted as from the filing of the priority application. The deferment must be requested before a favorable Preliminary Examination is issued. In this way, the danger of patent […]

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