Domain Names and Trademark Infringements - The Brazilian Experienceip articles
08 Jun 2018

Domain Names and Trademark Infringements – The Brazilian Experience

By Moeller IP Advisors In the mid-1990s and early 2000s, Brazil was overwhelmed by what commentators described as a real “avalanche” of cybersquatting cases: thousands of domain names were registered using a small variation of a trademark name, in order to mislead consumers and divert traffic away from the legitimate websites. The relative facility with […]

When Patents Can Help Protect Breeders Interests in Brazilip articles
07 Jun 2018

When Patents Can Help Protect Breeders Interests in Brazil

Brazil, in line with other South American countries, like Mexico or Argentina, does not consider new plant varieties eligible for patent protection. Cultivars can be protected through the  Brazilian Plant Variety Protection Law enacted in 1997, Law 9456/1997, and that has incorporated the provisions of the 1978 UPOV Convention. The PVP law grants the breeder […]

WIPO countries go GREENLatin America
06 Jun 2018

WIPO countries go GREEN

by Adrian Gonzalez WIPO GREEN was launched on November 28, 2013 to provide an online marketplace connecting a wide variety of groups seeking shared innovation and environmentally friendly technologies to address climate change. WIPO GREEN is governed by the Advisory Board and the Secretariat under the rules laid out in the WIPO GREEN Charter. The […]

Patenting Artificial Intelligenceip news
05 Jun 2018

Patenting Artificial Intelligence

By Moeller IP Advisors The European Patent Office (EPO) held on 30 May 2018 a conference on Patenting Artificial Intelligence (AI). Koen Lievens, Director Operations at the EPO, presented as keynote speaker the topic “How does the EPO deal with the challenges of AI in patents”. The key concepts are the following: Computer-Implemented Inventions would […]

TM registration challengePeru
04 Jun 2018

Can registration of a trademark be challenged?

By María Sol Porro Last March the Constitutional Court of Peru, faced with a conflict related to the rejection of the registration of a trademark, established that the registration has no direct constitutional support based on the right to intellectual creation or the right to the protection of intellectual creation. The above-mentioned dispute was originated […]

trade name and trademarkip articles
01 Jun 2018

Trade Names and Trademarks in South America: the Case of Brazil

By Moeller IP Advisors In today’s competitive economy, business owners need to ensure adequate IP protection for their company by registering their trademark, patent, copyright and last but not least, trade name. It is particularly important to differentiate between trademarks and trade names: a trade name is the name that identifies a company after the […]

Rules for Labelling and Advertising Food and Beverages in Mexicoip articles
31 May 2018

Rules for Labelling and Advertising Food and Beverages in Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors In the last years, Mexico has been facing a rise in health issues connected to poor diet and drinking habits. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey 2006, hypertension increased of 25% in the previous six years, while data from the OECD shows that in 2015 a whopping 30% of […]

Available Enforcement Actions in Case of Patent Infringement in Mexicoip articles
30 May 2018

Available Enforcement Actions in Case of Patent Infringement in Mexico

An intellectual property right is not complete unless its enforcement can be easily and timely executed. This is pivotal for ensuring the right ecosystem for doing business, attracting foreign companies and investors – especially in innovative and risky areas like the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. What are the legal remedies available to a company in […]

Senate ratifies new amendment of the copyright lawMexico
29 May 2018

Senate ratifies new amendment of the Copyright Law

By María Sol Porro The Mexican Senate approved on Thursday, April 26, 2018, an amendment to the Federal Law of Copyright that would possibly affect the right to freedom of expression on the Internet. There was no prior discussion in commissions and without respecting the legislative process by 63 votes in favor, 11 against and […]

Stalking will be a crimeArgentina
28 May 2018

Stalking will be a crime

By María Sol Porro The Supreme Court of Argentina ruled that spying on Facebook, email and the cell phone contacts is a federal crime. The decision came out of a dispute between two courts (in the case of a woman who denounced her former partner for entering in her social media account, checking her e-mails […]

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