Trade Dress Protection in the Brazilian Systemip articles
26 Oct 2017

Trade Dress Protection in the Brazilian System

Your business’ distinctive signs, be it the trademark, the colors, and font of the websites, the packaging all play an important role in making sure that customers can easily identify your products. However, not all the elements that fall under the category of “brand” and that make a product or a service distinctive and characteristic, […]

big dataArgentina
24 Oct 2017

The State and Big Data

By Noelia Soledad Cueva Through the network and the use of intelligent devices, humans are constantly creating and storing information. Facebook posting, twitter feeds, web contents, emails, gps signals, utility billing records, among others, generate information at a large volume with a rapid rate of change that cannot be processed or analyzed using traditional processes, […]

Trademark Registration in Argentinaip articles
19 Oct 2017

Opposing a Trademark Registration in Argentina

According to data from the Argentine Patent Office (INPI) in 2016, there were 71.020 trademark applications and 14.211 trademark oppositions, around 20% of all applications. What’s the procedure for opposing a trademark registration in Argentina? The Argentine Trademark Law 22362 establishes that every trademark application is followed by a formal examination carried out by the INPI. […]

Venice ItalyAbout us
17 Oct 2017

Meet our experts at the upcoming FICPI FORUM 2017!

Gerardo Messerer, Managing partner of Moeller IP Advisors, will be attending the upcoming 17thth FICPI (International Federation of IP Attorneys) Open Forum to be held in Venice, Italy from October 25 – 27, 2017. FICPI Open Forum will offer multi-stream working sessions, permitting attendees to participate in a wide choice of sessions with three parallel paths […]

trademark registrationip articles
12 Oct 2017

Brazilian Domain names and Trademarks Registered by Different Owners: Which One Should Prevail?

Registering a domain name that matches with the trademark is an established course of action for the protection of a company’s IP assets. In fact, a domain name has the same function as a trademark in the online world: the domain becomes the virtual image of the business. Sometimes, however, the same domain name and […]

Stalking will be a crimeArgentina
11 Oct 2017

Stalking will be a crime

By María Sol Porro The Supreme Court of Argentina ruled that spying on Facebook, email and the cell phone contacts is a federal crime. The decision came out of a dispute between two courts (in the case of a woman who denounced her former partner for entering in her social media account, checking her e-mails […]

PPH Partner OfficesBrazil
09 Oct 2017

Brazil becomes newest member of PPH Partner Offices

By Moeller IP Brazil On October 4, 2017 the Brazilian PTO (INPI) and EPO signed the PPH agreement.  The organizations were represented by Luiz Otávio Pimentel, the President of Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and EPO President Benoît Battistelli. The agreement provides for collaboration through a pilot program of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), […]

Medical MarijuanaAbout us
05 Oct 2017

Cannabis for Therapeutic Use in Mexico

By Moeller IP Advisors Cannabis is the preferred designation of the plant Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. The plant has a relatively long history of medical use, as it was already included in the US Pharmacopeia in 1850 for its sedative and anticonvulsant effects. In 1932 cannabis was removed from the British Pharmacopeia and in […]

green patentip articles
03 Oct 2017

Want to register a Green Patent in South America? Brazil Made it Quicker for You

By Moeller IP Advisors The Potential for Green Technologies Green is certainly an adjective that fits Brazil. Not only because of the abundance of its natural resources, but for several other reasons:  Brazil is one of the world leaders in bioenergy – more than 85% of the domestically produced electricity used in Brazil comes from renewable […]

Protecting Industrial DesignAbout us
28 Sep 2017

Protecting Industrial Design in South America: Brazil Legal Framework

Registering an industrial design is an effective way to protect intellectual property for SMEs in several industries. In general, industrial design registration is exploited by companies active in the furniture, electronic and apparel sectors. Not many know, however, that this kind of protection can be exploited in other industries as well, and in certain limited […]

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