29 Apr 2010

Monsanto Antitrust

Mariano Municoy This article comments the Argentine judicial decision tackling the Interplay between patents and antitrust Law related to the GM soy-seed RR owned by Monsanto.

16 Jan 2009

Impressions of IP

Mariano Municoy This brief report highlights some of the most important IP developments in Latin America.

04 Mar 2008

Court in Argentina holds that HARRODS trade marks cannot co-exist

Mariano Municoy This article comments the decision issued in October 2007 by Argentine Federal Court of Appeals on Civil and Commercial Matters, which decided that the owner of Argentine trademark HARRODs should prevail on his opposition against the application filed by the owner of the same mark (for the same goods) in other countries, […]

28 Jan 2008

Patentability of Software

Mariano Municoy This article addresses the protection software inventions through patent in Argentina

07 Jan 2008

In the comparison: procedural aspects of the protection of trade marks in Argentina, Germany and the European Union

Diana Vera Caspary This article was published in german in the last edition of the GRUR’s newsletter. It mainly refers to the most important differences between trademark application proceedings in Argentina, Germany and the European Union, such as renewals, requires of use, filings of oppositions. It also explains briefly the mediation procedure in Argentina.

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