Ecuador Intellectual Property Institute Approves New Guidelines the Simplification of the Procedures

11 Jul 2017
IEPI New Guidelines

by Moeller IP Advisors

After the recent amendments to the Intellectual Property Law in December 2016 with the INGENIOS Code (Code on Social Economics of Know-how, Creativity and Innovation), Ecuador follows the same path, in an effort to reform and improve the IP legal scenario.

In June the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property (IEPI) has approved new guidelines in the framework of the 2017 National Plan for Simplification of Procedures (PNST), aimed at streamlining the application procedures for the Collective Management Societies, organisations which represent copyright owners’ rights.

In particular, registering Collective Management Societies will take now only 16 hours (not 160, like under the old procedures); registering an agreement with a correspondent society abroad will also take 16 hours – great improvement if compared to the 20 days under the previous rules. The procedures for the constitution of a Collective Management Society passed from 12 months to 6 months; the registration of mandates for collecting societies decreased from 160 to only 16 hours. Finally, the procedure for reforming the statute of a Collective Management Society was decreased to 20 days.

Last year, the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property had approved another set of guidelines with the aim of improving and streamlining the registration of artistic and musical works and computer programs. The new procedures reduced the number of requisites to obtain the registration and shortened the time for completing the registration from 22 days to just one day.

Similarly, in 2016, the IEPI had approved guidelines to speed up the registration of trademarks, slogans and trade names. The registration procedure was reduced to six months and the procedure in case of opposition to distinctive signs was cut to nine months.

The National Plan for Simplification of Procedures (PNST) has been launched by the Ecuadorian Government in 2014 and is involving several bodies within the Public Administration. The IEPI is one of the institutions which, so far, has implemented the most corrective actions.





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