our mission & vision

Our Mission

To provide our customers with an Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs consolidated regional strategy for the whole of Latin America.

Our history

Founded in 1929 by Joachim Moeller in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our goal

To keep growing as regional advisors in every single area of Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs.

Our focus

To fully optimize our clients’ protection in Latin America taking the special market challenges and uncertainties into consideration.

Our resources

Highly experienced and qualified professionals who share our customers’ expectations and their cultural philosophies.

Our strengths

We offer a consolidated regional service with an excellent cost-benefit relationship through our flexible network of colleagues.

Our Vision

Facing a continuing development in global Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs, our goal is to strengthen our position as leader in the region while continuing to adapt our services and information systems technology to meet our clients’ highest expectations.

Moeller IP Advisors

Moeller IP