Patents and utility models

We conduct equivalent and/or subject-matter searches of patent literature for issued or pending patents of interest throughout Latin America.

Filing patent and utility model applications in all Latin American countries through Moeller allows our clients to save translation costs. Only one Power of Attorney enables us to represent the client in all Latin American countries, significantly reducing time, legalization and, again, translation costs.

We advise on the best strategy to protect your regional patent portfolio and manage national phases of PCT applications as well as direct filing in non-PCT countries.

Moreover, we also prosecute applications and monitor the enforcement of the patent rights once they are granted in each country. The prosecution of patent applications through one single agent also helps save time and costs for our clients when patent families are involved.

Our team of patent technical advisors, specialized in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Engineering, enables us to make strategic, well-supported recommendations to our clients when responding to office actions from any Latin American Patent Office.

Furthermore, some Latin American Patent Offices such as the Mexican and Colombian ones have entered into several agreements with other Patent Offices in order to implement Patent Prosecution Highway programs, which help expedite granting of patents in those countries.

Moeller IP Advisors

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