Police and national authorities team to seize dietary supplements

02 Mar 2017
3D Rendering Of Dietary Supplements

By Natalia Julia Rodriguez

On December 15, 2016, in an operation carried out by the National Institute of Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA), with the support of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, approximately 15,000 dietary supplement units were seized in the commercial center of San Victorino, Bogotá, Colombia.

The dietary supplements as well as medications which were seized,were a public health danger. .

Some of the fraudulent products involved were:“Mero Macho”,“Arrechón, Vitacitacerebrina Francesa”,“Sangre de Dragon”,“Artrin Gel”,“Flexdol” among others.

The General Director of INVIMA, Javier Humberto Guzmán Cruz, alerted the public in order to prevent it residents from taking the falsely named “miracle products”. The products did not comply with sanitary registration, or had a fraudulent permission.

Guzmán Cruz emphasized the necessity of ongoing  operations in order to minimize and avoid possible risks caused by consuming fraudulent “miracle products.”

The operation was undertaken by the INVIMA as part of the continuous fight against the illegal sales of medical products.

INVIMA is conducting constant investigations in order to mitigate the consequences on the public and prevent possible risks generated by the commercialization of fraudulent products that are being sold illegally and without authorization, and with an unknown composition.

As a punitive measure, the illegal producers on the labels of the fraudulent dietary supplements will face judicial action.

Within the year 2016, INVIMA had 161 preventive operations in which smuggling and illegal and fraudulent products were discovered.  These were mainly meat products, vegetable fats and oils, dietary supplements, alcoholic beverages, drugs and sexual enhancers.






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