Public input request for speeding patent process

08 Aug 2017
patent process

By Moeller IP Brazil

The Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) and the National Institute of Industrial Property (BPTO), has announced the opening of a public consultation on the proposed standards for a simplified procedure to grant patent applications. This step is taken in order to guarantee transparency for the process and align measures to combat the patent backlog with the demands of society.

The proposal provides that applications for patents with a filing or entry procedure in the national phase up to the date of publication. Then the standard and expected examination must be granted within 90 days, provided, that the submission meet certain requirements and has not received any subsidies of third parties. Patent applications for pharmaceutical products and processes are excluded from this simplified procedure.

Those interested will have until August 21, 2017 to send the suggestions for the process. After this period, the MDIC and BPTO will analyze the proposals received.

Users can access the draft proposal of the administrative flow on the INPI website, as well as the form to answer the query and the document of justification of the proposal in the page titled Public Consultations.




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