The party is over when Copyright infringed

09 Mar 2017

By María Sol Porro

The Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Intellectual Property and Computer Security of the Attorney General’s Office, has sentenced a popular DJ to 36 months in prison for infringement of the economic order, copyright and related intellectual property (IP) rights.

According to the prosecutor, the DJ has been charged based on three offences: public communication without authorization, the sale of illicit reproductions and copy or reproduction of protected works.Initially, the defendant, Arcis Arboleda Praez, known as “DJ Ainor” was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment (one year for public communication without authorization of the economic rights of those affected, four years for illicit sale and four years for reproduction). However, the sentence was reduced by a third to only three years, because DJ Ainor filed for an abbreviated proceeding and pleaded guilty to the crime.

Ricaurte González, a prosecutor specializing in crimes against IP and computer security, said in a recent interview that there is currently a lack of knowledge regarding copyright and IP crimes in Panama. For that reason, the Panamanian government seeks to make example of violating the IP rights and continue pursuing these crimes with legal prosecution.  According to the prosecutor, “it is important for people to understand that there are some behaviors that, as normal they seem, are criminal.” He continued on to say that the government seeks to establish a culture of legality, especially with youth, where the rights of others are respected, including, intellectual property rights.”






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